Leveling Up, from Jeff Mould

In our shared journey at Stoney Creek, we’re bound by a common cause—to champion the success of like-minded individuals through genuine hospitality. CEO Jeff Mould emphasizes the value of personal and professional growth, urging us to push ourselves and embrace challenges. But how do we navigate this journey effectively without burning out? Mould shares his […]

fleet of distant wooden sailing ships at sea

Stoney Creek Hotels: Pirates Aren’t The Only Ones With a Business Strategy

Cannonballs > Bullets. In his book Great by Choice, Jim Collins develops the concept of making calculated tests and experiments into what he calls Firing Bullets, Then Cannonballs. He uses imagery reminiscent of a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. Imagine you are at sea, and a hostile ship is bearing down on you. Your ship has a limited […]

tent in wilderness setting

Stoney Creek Adds ‘Think Week’ To Their Leadership Vocabulary

A word commonly linked to Bill Gates and his success story, ‘Think Week’ is a term that refers to a week during the year when leadership members will run for the hills. Each member of the team schedules their think week in advance with the goal of escaping into nature to catch their breath and […]

3D rendering of banquet hall set for wedding

Merri: The Next Steps for Stoney Creek in Wedding Engagement

Earlier this year, Stoney Creek teamed up with Merri to deliver an experience to our wedding clientele that sets us apart from the rest. With the help of Merri, Stoney Creek event coordinators can build a 3-D design of each wedding couple’s dream event while also being able to include exclusive local vendors with uniquely […]

Stoney Creek Hospitality Partners with Stayntouch

Stoney Creek Hospitality Partners with Stayntouch to Enhance Unique ‘Cabin by the Lake’ Experience at 11 Properties Stoney Creek chose Stayntouch to provide a flexible mobile PMS solution that would quickly onboard, simplify operations, and improve the guest experience. BETHESDA, Md., July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stayntouch, a worldwide leader in cloud hotel property management […]